PhD Project title Supervisors Availability
PhD 1 Interpretability in cardiac parameter mapping Steidl , Schäffter,  Schulz-Menger Not available
PhD 2 Gold complexes for radiopharmaceutical application Spreckelmeyer, Abram,  Brenner Not available
PhD 3 Characterization of hepatic lesions by simultaneous FDG PET, DCE-MRI, DWI and MRE Makowski, Kolbitsch, Brenner, Sack Not available
PhD 4 Non-cartesian flow MRI for determining highly accurate velocity vector fields and Reynolds stress tensors Schulz-Menger, Schmitter, Schäffter Not available
PhD 5 Quantitative Assessment of Carotid Artery Wall and Dynamics for Disease Course Prediction Hennemuth, Schmitter Not available
PhD 6 Cardiac magnetic resonance elastography with and without external vibrations Sack, Schmitter, Schulz Menger Not available
PhD 7 Ultrasound time-harmonic elastography of the heart with temporal resolution and real-time feedback to enable stiffness measurements in systole and diastole Tzschätzsch, Fischer, Schulz-Menger, Sack Not available
PhD 8 Functional time harmonic elastography of the liver Guo, Schäffter, Fischer, Sack Available
PhD 9 Microscopic time-harmonic elastography in correlation with biophysical properties of liver tumors in vivo Sack, Brenner, Fischer, Guo, Sauer Not available
MD/PhD 10 Combined Quantitative Assessment of Calcified and Noncalcified Coronary Plaques on CT for Improved Prediction of Clinical Events (MD/PhD) Dewey, Stober, Samek, Kachelriess Not available
PhD 11 Physics-informed deep learning for motion-corrected 3D high-resolution cardiac mapping Kolbitsch, Schäffter, Schulz-Menger Not available
PhD 12 Developing Multitask and Multimodality Deep Learning Methods for Automated and Quantitative Image Assessmentof Coronary Artery Plaques Dewey, Samek, Stober, Kachelriess Not available
PhD 13 Quantification of cardiac fat infiltration at ultra-high magnetic fields using machine learning based RF calibration Schmitter, Schäffter, Schulz-Menger Not available
PhD 14 Advanced image reconstruction for MR elastography of the liver Schünke, Kolbitsch, Schäffter, Sack Not available
PhD 15 Development of Automatic Quality Assurance in Cardiac MRI Schulz-Menger, Kolbitsch, Hennemuth Available
Additional projects
1 Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI of the liver Schuenke, Kolbitsch, Sack, Schäffter Not available
2 Geometric Deep Learning for the Assessment of Coronary Artery Dynamics Hennemuth, Dewey,  Leistner/ Landmesser Not available
3 Cardiac phase-resolved myocardial T1 quantification at ultra-high fields Schulz-Menger, Schmitter, Schäffter Not available