Two times congratulations to Tom Meyer

Two times congratulations to second cohort PhD student Tom Meyer with his first authorship at two new BIOQIC publications:


BIOQIC program May-October 2022

The new BIOQIC program from May-October 2022 is now available and includes special events such as the 6th colloquium at Charité Virchow Campus with social event, a canoe trip, relay run, and the yearly BIOQIC Days end of September at the Inselhotel Potsdam. Click this post to see the program.

Elastography group celebrates Nowruz

Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, was celebrated by the elastography group on March 21. The festivity marks the first day of spring and the renewal of nature. Thanks go to Mahsa Salimi Majd, associated PhD student at BIOQIC, for organizing this celebration!


Program BIOQIC seminars until May 2022

BIOQIC seminars are each Tuesday from 16-17 h on MS Teams    Date                     Time                    Presenter 11/01/22             16-17h                 Simone Hufnagel & Dr. Christoph Kolbitsch – Journal Club 18/01/22             16-17h                 Dr. Sarah Spreckelmeyer – Career and project overview 25/01/22             16-17h                 Felix Krüger & Dr. Sebastian Schmitter – Journal Club 01/02/22             16-17h                 Charité Welcome Center –…


Press Release – Brain tumours spread by exploiting fundamental physics

New research in Germany shows that changes to the mechanical properties of cells can cause a brain tumour to become malignant. Josef Käs of the University of Leipzig and Ingolf Sack of the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin and colleagues have shown that a brain tumour is a unique material and its spread is driven by physics as well as biomechanics. Using…


PhD defense of Johannes Mayer

Johannes Mayer, PhD student of our first cohort, defended his PhD on 30th September 2021 at the Technical University Berlin ‘mit Auszeichnung’. We congratulate Johannes with this  accomplishment!


Patrick Werner defends his PhD

Patrick Werner, PhD student of the first BIOQIC cohort, defended his PhD thesis with Magna Cum Laude on November 4th 2021. In addition, he recently published his work as a first author in Scientific Reports, all authors are BIOQIC members. Our congratulations!