Link (Charité Intranet) to courses offered by the Promotionsumgebung of the Charité (most in German).


A list of other Charité and non-Charité programs, including the links to their websites, is found below:

Program Contact person Website
Medical Neurosciences


Ansorg, Ralf

Dr. Salmen, Benedikt

Regenerative Therapies Dr. Bartosch, Sabine


Integrative Oncology Dr. Dahlke, Katja


Health Data Sciences



Dr. Adelberger, Bettina

Rohmann, Jessica

Gallagher, Magdalen



GRK 2318/1 TJ-Train  

PD Dr. Rosenthal, Rita

SALSA, School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof


Schultens, Katharina

Lores Lareo, Pablo