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The book, edited by Ingolf Sack and Tobias Schaeffter, provides a selection of essential knowledge on the image-based quantification of biophysical parameters for the purpose of clinical diagnosis. The authors regard clinical imaging scanners as physical measurement systems capable of quantifying intrinsic parameters for depiction of the constitution and biophysical properties of in vivo tissue. On the one hand, this approach supports the development of new methods of imaging highly reproducible, system-independent, and quantitative biomarkers, and these methods receive detailed attention in the book. On the other hand, the reader will also gain a deeper understanding of how physical tissue properties interact with the generation of signals in medical imaging, opening new windows on the intricate and fascinating relationship between the structure and function of living tissues. The book will be of interest to all who recognize the limitations of basing clinical diagnosis primarily on visual inspection of images and who wish to learn more about the diagnostic potential of quantitative and biophysics-based medical imaging markers and the challenges that the paucity of such markers poses for next-generation imaging technologies.



1 Introduction: Medical Imaging for the Quantitative Measurement of Biophysical Parameters

Ingolf Sack and Tobias Schaeffter


Part I Biological and Physical Fundamentals


2 The Fundamentals of Transport in Living Tissues Quantified by Medical Imaging Technologies

Sebastian Hirsch, Tobias Schaeffter, and Ingolf Sack


3 Mathematical Modeling of Blood Flow in the Cardiovascular System

Alfonso Caiazzo and Irene E. Vignon-Clementel


4 A Biphasic Poroelasticity Model for Soft Tissue

Sebastian Hirsch


5 Physical Properties of Single Cells and Collective Behavior

Hans Kubitschke, Erik W. Morawetz, Josef A. Käs, and Jörg Schnauß


6 The Extracellular Matrix as a Target for Biophysical and Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Angela Ariza de Schellenberger, Judith Bergs, Ingolf Sack, and Matthias Taupitz



Part II Medical Imaging Technologies


7 Mathematical Methods in Medical Image Processing

Gitta Kutyniok, Jackie Ma, and Maximilian März


8 Acceleration Strategies for Data Sampling in MRI

Christoph Kolbitsch and Tobias Schaeffter


9 4D Flow MRI

Sebastian Schmitter and Susanne Schnell



Martin Kunth and Leif Schröder


11 Innovative PET and SPECT Tracers

Ulrich Abram


12 Methods and Approaches in Ultrasound Elastography

Heiko Tzschätzsch


13 Photoacoustic Imaging: Principles and Applications

Jan Laufer


14 Fundamentals of X-Ray Computed Tomography: Acquisition and Reconstruction

Marc Dewey and Marc Kachelrieß



Part III Applications


15 Quantification of Myocardial Effective Transverse Relaxation Time with Magnetic Resonance at 7.0 Tesla for a Better Understanding of Myocardial (Patho)physiology

Till Huelnhagen, Teresa Serradas-Duarte, Fabian Hezel, Katharina Paul, and Thoralf Niendorf


16 Extracellular Matrix-Specific Molecular MR Imaging Probes for the Assessment of Aortic Aneurysms

Julia Brangsch, Carolin Reimann, and Marcus R. Makowski


17 Diffusion-Based MRI: Imaging Basics and Clinical Applications

Michael Scheel


18 Quantification of Functional Heterogeneities in Tumors by PET Imaging

Winfried Brenner, Florian Wedel, and Janet F. Eary


19 Tumor Characterization by Ultrasound Elastography and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

Thomas Fischer, Anke Thomas, and Dirk-André Clevert


20 Sensitivity of Tissue Shear Stiffness to Pressure and Perfusion in Health and Disease

Jing Guo, Florian Dittmann, and Jürgen Braun


21 Radionuclide Imaging of Cerebral Blood Flow

Ralph Buchert


22 Cardiac Perfusion MRI

Amedeo Chiribiri


23 Myocardial Perfusion Assessment by 3D and 4D Computed Tomography

Marc Dewey and Marc Kachelrieß