New BIOQIC paper accepted in Acta Biomaterilia

We congratulate Gergely and his co-authors on the acceptation of their paper in Acta Biomaterialia (IF 6.32):
“The influence of body temperature on tissue stiffness, blood perfusion, and water diffusion in the mouse brain”
by Gergely Bertalan, Philipp Boehm-Sturm, Stefanie Schreyer, Anna Sophie Morr, Barbara Steiner, Heiko Tzschätzsch, Jürgen Braun, Jing Guo, Ingolf Sack

BIOQIC Teams for Charité at Berlin Relay Run

On June 13th at 18:30 h, BIOQIC will take part in this year’s Berlin relay run (Staffellauf) with 3 teams: Image in Action: Judith (team captain), Helge, Yang, Bernhard, Stephan (M) Baustelle: Yavuz (team captain), Felix, Mehrgan, Shailey, Leili Bananaslugs: Nader (team captain), Andreas, Johannes, Stephan (W), Sebastian Team captains should have received an email…