student collage complete

Name Email PIs Project title
Nader Aldoj Dewey, Schäffter, Kutyniok Deep learning for detection and grading prostate cancer
Jean Pierre Bassenge Schmitter, Schulz-Menger, Kutyniok/Kühne Compressed sensing MRI for 4D-cardiac flow quantification
Gergely Bertalan Laufer/Sack, Fischer, Schmitt/Duda Quantitative tissue characterization by multimodal imaging of tumor perfusion and effective-medium mechanical parameters in a preclinical model of lymphoma
Sebastian Dietrich Schäffter, Schulz-Menger, Niendorf Quantitative MRI for assessment of myocardial fat infiltration at ultra-high field strength
Anna Grunwald Abram, Brenner, Braun Bioconjugation kits for multi-metal use and multi-organ targeting
Matteo Ippoliti Makowski, Brenner, Abram Characterization of tumor flow-metabolism mismatch by PET and MRI/ quantitative susceptibility mapping in the brain
Andreas Kofler Sack/Dewey, Kachelrieß CT quantification of perfusion and elasticity related parameters in the heart
Ledia Lilaj Fischer, Sack, Hirsch/Jöhrens Poroelastography MRI and ultrasound for the measurement of tissue pressure
Jan Lucas Macdonald Kutyniok, Schäffter, Schulz-Menger Machine learning approaches for MR-fingerprinting  of cardiovascular flow
Johannes Mayer Schäffter, Brenner, Makowski Quantitative assessment of coronary plaques by motion-compensated PET-MRI
Azadeh Mohtashamdolatshahi Taupitz, Schäffter, Schnorr/Käs Towards quantitative structure-sensitive MPI: Application for sentinel lymph node detection
Felix Schrank Sack, Schulz-Menger, Ittermann Time-resolved cardiac magnetic resonance elastography
Yavuz Oguz Uca Taupitz, Schröder, Makowski Molecular imaging of inflammation beyond macrophages by magnetic nanoparticle-enhanced MRI
Stephan Wäldchen Kutyniok, Sack + Fischer, Hege Shearlet and Sparse Regularization Techniques for Improved MRE Imaging
Patrick Werner Schröder, Taupitz, Bick Enzyme-activated Xe-MRI contrast agents for molecular imaging