Goal: to evaluate PhD project progression, discuss potential pitfalls and perspectives.


The committee consists of:

  • 1 or more supervisors, or another senior scientist from the field of the PhD work
  • 1-2 external reviewer(s) from the BIOQIC faculty or the wider area of imaging sciences (not directly related to the PhD work)
  • Chair and reporting person (BIOQIC coordinator)
  • The student


The committee:

  • Meets the student at specific time points: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and shortly before thesis defense
  • Provides advice, goals and support independently of the supervisors
  • Support rather than assessment
  • Start each meeting without the student (~5min), finish each (~5min) meeting without the supervisors


The role of the student:

  • Organizes the meeting
  • Recruits 2 independent experts to serve as reviewers
  • Gives a 10 minute Powerpoint presentation


The role of the independent experts:

  • Appointed by the students
  • Can be from within or outside the own working group/ BIOQIC
  • Provide support, feedback, independent scientific advice to the student
  • Provide extra support to the student and supervisors if required


Meeting format:

  • Student absent at start
  • Student presentation 10 mins
  • Questions from the committee (10 min)
  • Student absent for committee to report (10 min)
  • Feedback of committee to student (10min)
  • Supervisors absent at end
  • chair summarizes the progress meeting


Content of the student presentation:

  • Background, research question / hypothesis, aims
  • Goals set at the beginning of the project
  • Progress / results
  • Problems / changes of plan
  • Goals for the next meeting (with timelines)


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