The joint New Year’s celebration of our Research Training Group “BIOQIC” and Collaborative Research Center “Matrix in Vision” took place on January 10, 2019. Fifty scientists registered for the celebration, which consisted of ‘lounge-bowling’ followed by a dinner buffet. The event was highly appreciated by all participants. The prize for the best bowler was awarded to Carsten Warmuth, he collected an impressive 137 points! The price consisted of a bag containing belgian chocolates, two types of bio chocolate, ‘Studentenfutter’, a photo frame, shower gel and a sponge. Congratulations to Carsten! It was a great opportunity of our established BIOQIC and new Matrix in Vision members to get to know each other and celebrate the beginning of the new year, just before the Matrix in Vision introduction seminars, “Biology and Methods for ECM-targeted imaging”. These courses take place from January 14th – 18th and are organized especially as a training for the new Matrix in Vision PhD students. They consist of seminars by experts in the field and are held in the BIOQIC/BCAN seminar room at the Elastography group at the Charité Campus Mitte. By following the courses, PhD students obtain 2.7 ECTS credits. They are mandatory for all Matrix in Vision PhD students and highly recommended for BIOQIC students. Information on promotion procedures for the new PhD students is given. Please contact Judith Bergs, BIOQIC coordinator in case of any questions.