Name Project title
Sherine Brahma Uncertainty assessment of machine learning for cardiac MR parameter mapping
Guilhem Claude m-Terphenyl isocyanide complexes for myocardial imaging
Edengenet Mashilla Dejene Multiparametric motion-compensated PET-MR
Katja Degenhardt Development of a 4D flow acquisition technique for accurate whole heart velocity quantification at 7 Tesla
Chiara Manini Multimodal Quantitative Cardiac Valve Imaging
Matthias Anders Multiparametric cardiac MR with real-time viscoelasticity quantification
Tom Meyer Ultrasound elastography of the heart towards imaging-based quantification of cardiac pressure
Yasmine Safraou Quantification of the biophysical properties of the liver in correlation with microstructural and vascular changes using multimodal imaging
Jakob Jordan Multimodal microscopic elastography by optical methods and MRI
Bernhard Föllmer Automated quantification of the configuration and composition of calcified coronary artery plaques towards assessment of plaque mechanics
Simone Hufnagel Motion-corrected 3D high-resolution cardiac T1-mapping
Federico Biavati Coronary calcium score quantification as a predictor of cardiovascular risk
Felix Krüger Quantification and characterization of cardiac fat infiltration using ultra-high magnetic fields
David Hernandez MRI-based thermometry with hyperpolarized xenon for optimized CEST MRI
Thomas Hadler Automated assessment of quantification precision of myocardial micro structure in cardiovascular magnetic resonance to allow quality control