Dear colleagues,

Like in the last years, Professor Hamm invites you to a scientific radiology symposium on 09/06/2017 (14:00 – 18:00 h). The scientific symposium should be more or less similar to last year’s symposium. There will be short (6 minutes, junior) and long (9 minutes, senior) presentations, as determined not by the age of the presenter but by the size and maturity of the presented project.

Welcomed are all work-in-progress projects and planned studies, since the symposium serves the scientific idea-exchange and it should reveal the synergies of single groups. For the young colleagues (including interested PJs, PhD students, assistants etc.), who are especially encouraged to join the symposium, the symposium will be an orientation which scientific themes are processed in our department and whom they can contact in case their interest has been successfully raised for one of the projects.

In the name of Professor Hamm, Professors Taupitz, Makowski, PD Elgeti and I, representing the campi and the preclinical research groups, would like to request the submission of topics. You can send them via email ( to me (title, author, junior/senior presentation, including a short description of the content)

To have a program as diverse as the several past years, we need of course the input of all colleagues of the three campi CBF, CCM, CVB as well as the affiliated working groups (please forward this invitation). Until now we had approximately 25 presentations and double as many presentation registrations, so it was decided by lottery which theme was included in the program. The same process will be applied this year.

DEADLINE 22/05/2017 !!! Please note the deadline, so there will be sufficient time for selection, programming and your preparation!

We look forward to your submissions!

With kind regards,


Timm Denecke
Prof. Dr. M. Taupitz    Prof. Dr. M. Makowski   
PD Dr. T. Elgeti            PD Dr. T. Denecke