The festive opening, by the Charité Familienbüro, of the rooms for parents and their children took place on February 21st at the Campus Mitte, Hufelandweg 2. The rooms are intended for students and PI’s of BIOQIC, but are also open to others, with small children as well as pregnant and nursing women. The room for pregnant and nursing employees contains a fridge, microwave, stretcher, and plenty of playing opportunities for children. Another room is available with two desk spaces, including computers, and toys for the children. In addition, a trolley full of toys can be reserved and brought during times of seminars, courses, etc. Children can play under supervision while BIOQIC seminars are taking place! The new rooms and child care possibilities were made possible from the DFG equality measures, which support young parents and women in pursuing their scientific careers.


You are welcome to come and have a look! Please contact the Familienbüro for more information: familienbü