FAQ Projects

There is no guarantee that your preferred PhD project will be allocated to you. However, we seek to assign all successful candidates to their best matching project based on their qualifications, presentations and discussions with the PIs during the assessment days.

Yes. After commence of BIOQIC in April 2017, MD projects can be arranged with the BIOQIC PI’s.

FAQ Interview round

An assessment center is scheduled for February 20/21 2017 in Berlin at Charité Campus Mitte.

FAQ Funding

BIOQIC provides 15 PhD positions (TV-L 13, 65%). These are funded positions, meaning that accepted candidates receive funding by the Graduiertenkolleg. Furthermore, the BIOQIC program does not charge any tuition. However, candidates can also apply for the program if they already have funding, but seek to be accepted to the program.

FAQ Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for a PhD position if you have prior research experience documented by a finished dissertation (MD or Dr. med. with at least one first authorship or final grade Summa cum laude).